Hacking - How to hack usernames and passwords - For Beginners.wmv

Hacking - How to hack usernames and passwords - For Beginners.wmv

Please do not abuse this information. I debated if I should have posted this video or not. If you want to do this, do it in a test environment. I do not approve of stealing others usernames, passwords, credit card information etc., you can cause people a lot of trouble so please be responsible. The method that I am using is an ARP poisoning, but with iptables enabled from the etter.conf file. This will create a fake security certificate based off of a real one. When the victim machine types in username and password information, it is captured by ettercap with no encryption. Even though the victim is at a secure site or secure login, it does not matter. All methods have pros and cons, this method is great because you are not installing a trojan, backdoor, or keylogger onto the victims machine where a virus scanner could easily detect the threat. So instead, this is all done through the network.

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